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It’s carnival time! Every year the streets of Rio de Janeiro swing, step and samba into action with all the madness of the annual pre-Lenten party.

Planning to check it out? Well there are three options. Visitors can party in the streets, watch the proceedings from the stands of the custom-built Sambadrome stadium, or – get this – join the parade itself. A lot of the festival’s samba groups allow tourists to participate on the condition that they dance along in one of the spectacular “fantasias” costumes, which can be bought directly from the groups or pre-ordered online.

There is no better way to join in the action than showing off your moves – or two left feet – in the glare of the bright lights and admiring eyes of the 88,500 capacity crowd in the Sambadrome. If that doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, there are still plenty of other ways to get into the spirit of the five-day festival. In fact, there are plenty of ways to get involved with Brazil – even from the comfort of your own country!

Have you ever considered investing in properties Brazil? The international property market has some hot Brazil property going at the moment – which are made all the more favourable by great currency exchange rates, an all-time low in inflation and a 20% per annum property capital appreciation rate. With property prices some of the lowest in the world, and considerable savings in the cost of living and price of maintenance compared with the UK and Europe, Brazil is well worth considering for your long-term financial security.

Live the carnival today and ensure prosperity in your life for tomorrow. Investing in international property is one of the soundest financial measures for the future. There are plenty of opportunities out there – from properties Dubai to properties Morocco, there are enough options to suit any portfolio demand. Check out the growth in investment in property Bulgaria, and get onboard before this amazing chance passes you by. Don’t join the party too late – have a word with the international property investment experts today!

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