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At Malta Vacations we do our utmost to provide you with a personalised experience in choosing your malta holiday accommodation.

However, for last minute booking there is nothing more convenient than automation especially when you're desperately pressed for time in securing that last minute holiday accommodation. So please make use of our last minute accommodation service in finding holiday accommodation in Malta and Gozo in the quickest time possible.

Sunflower Hotel - Qawra, Malta
Hotel Sunflower Malta. Hotels in Qawra
The 3 star Sunflower Hotel is located in Qawra close to the village of St. Paul's Bay. It is just a ten minute walk from the promenade, a beach, public transport, shops, bars, restaurants and many other recreational facilities. The hotel interiors are tastefully designed and offers most of the facilities found in a 4 star hotel. BOOK NOW
Santana Hotel - Qawra, Malta
Hotel Santana Malta. Hotels in Qawra
The 4-star Hotel Santana is centrally located and is only 150 meters away from the promenade & the beach. Many shops, bars, restaurants and a casino are also located in the immediate vicinity of the hotel. A bus terminus connected Qawra to the major towns & villages in Malta is also located in the nearby vicinity. BOOK NOW

This section is different from our Express Enquiry service because our Last Minute Booking service is automated from beginning to end. The Express Enquiry page on the other hand is seen to by a real person who will match the best possible accommodation depending on your requirements. So as you can see Malta Vacations is designed to provide the best of both worlds!

You are now ready to book that accommodation fast! Benefit from last minute holiday bargains. Place your direct-booking at competitive rates within minutes. Thank you and have a nice stay!

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